What Women Want 2.0

Report Launch 7th March 2018, 5pm Houses of Parliament

What Women Want 2.0 builds upon a rich and radical feminist history which foregrounds women’s stories in their own words, and on their own terms. As the What Women Want 2.0 volunteer team, we want to thank you for downloading this report, which demonstrates the collective power of women’s voices.

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Our Mission

  • What Women Want 2.0 is non-partisan survey project that builds on a historical feminist social  survey established in 1996
  • The What Women Want project keeps a record of the aspirations and opinions of self-defining women living and working across the United Kingdom at marked points in Britain’s history.
  • By keeping score, the What Women Want project seeks to raise awareness of how far women believe gender equality and social justice has progressed in the UK.
  • What Women Want exists to platform women’s voices, in their own words and on their own terms; we therefore prioritise one piece of qualitative data, namely open-field responses to the question “What do you want?”
  • What Women Want seeks to raise awareness of women’s multi-layered experience of life in the UK.
  • United Kingdom and be a source of information and motivation for activists, and local and national campaigns seeking to progress gender equality in the United Kingdom.
  • The What Women Want record will continue: we support and provide resources to new generations of WWW record keepers seeking to launch local, regional and demographic-specific surveys to expand our record and build upon our rich history.

What Women Want 2.0 is run by a group of intersectional feminist volunteers. You can learn more about us, the project and to join the project, by getting in touch.

To reach our spokeswomen, or for press enquiries: press@thisiswhatwomenwant.org

For events enquiries: event@thisiswhatwomenwant.org