20 years on we believe it is time to ask the women of Britain “What do you want?” again.

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to take part in What Women Want 2.0. Stay right here on our site and fill in our digital postcard; tweet us your answer; send us a photo via Instagram or simply send an email – it is up to you.

Have your say.

Digital Postcard

In 1996 women’s wants were collected via postcards. We want to replicate that experience and have created a digital postcard to collect answers. Simply visit the homepage and tell us what it is that you want.


Tweet us. If you can fit your ‘want’ into 140 characters please either reply to us – we’re on @WhatWomenWantXX – or use the hashtag #WhatWomenWant20 to ensure we pick up you answer. Click here to see other women’s answers on Twitter.


Post a photo. Download and print our postcard here and post your answer to Instagram. Use the hashtag #WhatWomenWant20 so that we collect your answer. Visit our homepage to see the latest posts in our #WhatWomenWant20 gallery of click here to go straight to Instagram.


Email us. If you’d rather just send us an email, you can do that too. Please email iwant@thisiswhatwomenwant.org with your answer, and feel free to include other answers you’ve collected from friends and family too.