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The What Women Want 2.0 campaign is an innovative collaboration between a number of organisations but is being driven and delivered by a partnership between We Are Women and Long Run Works. 

The campaign aims to capture and share the perspectives of British women on a scale that hasn’t been done before and use this information to help make real change happen. 

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Latest Press Pack

22/11/16 First findings of the groundbreaking ‘What Women Want 2.0’ survey released.

Previous Press Release

08/03/16 What Women Want Campaign Launches

2016 Interim Report

What Women Want 2.0, 2016, Interim Report

1996 Report

Values and Vision: the What Women Want Social Survey, 1996, The Women’s Communication Centre

What Women Want on Politics, 1996, The Women’s Communication Centre – A comparative guide to what each of the political parties was offering on the things that women said most concerned them.