1996 – A Groundbreaking Social Survey

The 1996 What Women Want campaign asked women to answer the simple question, “What do you want?” on a postcard. It offered a unique space for women to answer on their own terms, and in their own words. 10,000 women answered the call.

Women’s voices expressed a powerful vision for society – from more support for childcare and freedom from stereotypes, to making both social equality and environmental sustainability, higher priorities.

The responses offered unprecedented insights into women’s thoughts, opinions and needs that had a significant impact on the gender debate at the time.

What Women Want changed the political landscape: it changed policy agenda; it changed public debate and it changed our equalities legislation.

Importantly, it showed politicians and other decision-makers how important it is to listen to women, and to really understand women’s views and opinions.



20 years on we believe it is time to ask the women of Britain “What do you want?” again.


What Women Want 2.0 wants to reach as many women as possible to collect voices from women of all ages, background, ethnicities, locations and identities.

We want to capture what women living in Britain want in 2016. We want to look at what has changed in the last twenty years, what remains the same and what is new.

As before, we will bring the results to politicians, the media and decision-makers seeing to give them a deeper understanding of women’s priorities today.

Add your voice and be part of the most powerful conversation to effect change.