Twenty years ago, 10,000 women took part in a ground-breaking study that changed the course of British politics. 

We’re doing it again. Will you join us?

Running throughout 2017 and harnessing the power of social media, What Women Want 2.0 gives women the opportunity to share what matters most to them. Fill in the postcard below, or click on take part above, and have your say. 

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Our goal 

The aim of What Women Want 2.0 is to make women’s voices heard. We want to reach as diverse an audience as possible, capturing the views and opinions of women across the UK.

Given current events it feels like a very important time to give voice to women again.  

In the short-term our aim is to influence public and political debate, as before, but the findings will be made available to any organisation that wants to forge a deeper understanding of women and what matters to them. 

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Breaking news

We have released the first findings of the What Women Want 2.0 survey, one of the largest surveys of women in a generation. They show that women are feeling angry and let down by the lack of progress towards gender equality and alarmed by increased and intense objectification of their bodies and those of their daughters.

What Women Want 2.0 Founder, Sue Tibballs says: “It is striking how similar women’s wants are twenty years ago and today. The biggest difference is in women’s tone of voice. Women today feel they were promised equality and it isn’t being delivered. They want to be free to be themselves and achieve their potential without being held back by their gender.”

To download the interim report please click here